Basic Things To Know To Cloud


Is Cloud Hosting Safe ?

Yes, your content or data hosted in Cloud is also protected just the way you want it to and even better compare to hosting on-prem.


Does Cloud Hosting Cost More ?

Cloud hosting and its compute resource can be customized, you pay only what you need due to its scalability.


How long Is The Free P.O.C. ?

Usually Two Weeks is good enough. You can try out the P.O.C. (Proof Of Concept) until you are satisfied and assured of the usability.


What Do I Need To Start With The Free P.O.C.?

Email Us and let us know your RAM, CPU, STORAGE, OS & NETWORK requirements.


Is There Any Licence I Need To Buy Later To Continue The Cloud Hosting ?

No. We provive all the licensing required for you to come onboard unless notified otherwise.


Do You Serve Coffee ?

Yes, we have coffee machine brewing from cafelatte to kopi-O....drink as much as you like !


How Long Can I expect To Commit To The Cloud Compute Resource ?

We can provive a minimum of 12 months compute resource commitment.


Where Do I Start From Here ?

Send us an email or call us to arrange a meeting to schedule a Pre & Post Deployment.